Lets talk about our incredible skincare range we stock in store and online here at Karma. You may have never heard of La Biosthetique but if you've been to Germany or France you will know that is majority of the salons favourite - we are so lucky to stock it here on the beautiful island of Mersea. Steph our owner is the UK's skincare specialist and teacher for facials and body treatments!

Our products give results in just one use, imagine the kind of results from continued use?

La Biosthetique are always testing and researching the best way to help keep that youthful appearance and it's not all about a lack of wrinkles but an even complexion. Visible pigment disorders make all kinds of skin look older. This is due to increased production of the substance responsible for our skin colour, melanin.

The powerful combination of Vitamin C and Niacin in the Illuminating Concentrate provides an effective remedy for this problem. Supported by a special skin-brightening hyaluronic acid, the combination balances out colour unevenness. It slows down melanin synthesis and combats excessive pigmentation.

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